The following is a step by step guide to getting a skatepark in your local area.

1. Form a community group of local users

  • Representatives from different sport wheeled groups
  • Different age groups

2. Speak to the local council

  • Get the local council and community involved with the project early on

3. Finding a location for the skatepark

  • Will you be replacing an existing park or is it a new location?
  • Is it near houses?
  • Does the location have good road access and parking?

4. Design the skatepark

  • What other skateparks are in the area?
  • How big will the skatepark be?
  • Will there be something for all wheeled sports?
  • We’ll develop the design alongside you to create the perfect park to suit the local community

5. Planning permission

  • Once a design and location are agreed the project will need planning permission to progress

6. Funding

  • Identify potential funding sources in your area, the council may be able to help
  • We can help if you need more guidance

7. Build

  • A CAD model of the design will be created and all the construction drawing for the builders will be generated from there
  • The steel parts required for the skatepark will be fabricated at our factory near Manchester
  • Our team of specialist skatepark builders will be on site typically 6-8 weeks depending on the park size
  • During the build we can arrange site visits with the user group

8. Quality control

  • At the end of the project our team will test ride the skatepark
  • Finally the skatepark will be inspected by ROSPA
Our team test riding the Hassocks skatepark during the build

For more info contact us or check out some of our skateparks